Thug Craig

When you find yourself in a back alley holding a gun in one hand and a wad of cash in the other, surrounded by garbage, that’s when you know you’re part of the trash.

Men’s Monthly Event

Vango. James_Browns
[Z O O M] Shut up & Listen Headphone
[AB] One Hoodie Grey
ED. W4ST Pant Military
//Ascend// Harry Long Boots – Black

Viva – Want you pose



Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

: Pose: [B.B]-Goodbye My Love Bento Couple Pose – exclusive at HASHTAG event open November 15

An angel and demon’s forbidden love

A angel and a demon fall madly in love but they are forbidden to love one another. The demon is sent to kill an angel but cannot because he falls in love with her. The angel does not yet know he is a demon. Unknowingly, she falls in love with him, the demon not knowing why he was sent to kill her. He soon finds out she is the most powerful angel on earth and can wipe out the demon population and kill his master, the devil himself. The master finds out that his demon betrayed him and sends a band of demons to kill them both. The angel finds out that her true love is a demon and that the demons are after them. But not caring that her love is a demon, she stays and prepares for battle. God gives the demon a choice: he can keep his new love safe and become a angel once more, or accept an offer from the devil to kill her and become the most powerful demon on earth. If the demon choses to become an angel, he will not be able to protect his love from the band of demons. If he stays a demon, god will send angels to kill him. They both prepare for the fight of their forbidden love

The Specialist


This past week I got my first blog sponsor, Breakout, a store for both men and women’s fashion. And naturally with such an awesome sponsor, I had to do an equally epic photo. This outfit, “The Specialist”, had me thinking along the lines of Sylvester Stallone or some other equally badass hero. So I went in search of danger, a.k.a. a sim for a sweet action shot.

If you haven’t been to Binemist yet, I definitely recommend it. It’s a photographers wet dream (you can rezz there if you’re in the group)…and even more so I recommend a visit to Breakout. If you’re not a badass like Stallone, they’ll at least help you look like you might be.

Outfit – [BREAKOUT] The Specialist Outfit HUD-Driven

body logos


Craig LOTD 110217

//Ascend// Marc Jacket – Tweed Navy
[Deadwool] Broberry jeans – washed peacock
Bleich – Mesh Wheeler – White

I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s a lack of good shit for guys to wear in SL, at least in comparison to what there is for women. When something new comes out, we all tend to look like fucking clones since it’s been weeks from the last decent male release. There’s classic stores that have always been epic with men’s fashion like Gabriel and Deadwool. Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with fucking Gabriel and Deadwool.

Sometimes though, you find new shit and you’re pleasantly surprised. I remember Ascend from awhile ago, but it wasn’t till recently that I realized how kickass they really are; they have quickly become one of my “go to” stores. I also discovered these sneakers from Bleich, another store I hadn’t heard of, while at the latest round of FaMeshed.

With them and the blazer, I was channeling the fashion sense of David Beckham, but clearly he can’t hold a candle to all this sex appeal.